Emily Gould

Emily Gould portrait photograph by Anna Ty Bergman

Emily is the author of And The Heart Says Whatever, Friendship, and the forthcoming Perfect Tunes. With Ruth Curry, she runs Emily Books, which sells and publishes books by women as an imprint of Coffee House Press. She is a contributor to Bookforum and The Cut. She teaches writing in New York City, where she lives with her family.

Photo by Anna Ty Bergman



Sunday, February 11 at 3 PM – 5 PM | The Truth About Writing Fiction From Your Life: A conversation with authors Elisa Albert, Emily Gould and Chloe Caldwell about the choice to write fiction underpinned with autobiographical aspects of the author’s life. Moderated by Kingston Writers’ Studio operator Sari Botton.



Katja Blichfeld Gets What She Wants

After a year of changes, the quietly commanding High Maintenance co-creator embarks on a new life.

The Cut / January 10, 2018


Who Do You Want Elisabeth Moss To Be?

In Trump’s America, Moss’s role in “The Handmaid’s Tale” has taken on a prophetic quality. Is she ready?

ELLE / June 7, 2017


An Unabashed Appreciation of Smitten Kitchen, the Ur-Food Blog

Emily Gould reviews “Smitten Kitchen Every Day,” the second cookbook by the food blogger Deb Perelman.

The New Yorker / November 20, 2017


You’ll Wear What They Tell You To Wear

Subscription clothing services should make you feel great. Shouldn’t they? The authors Emily Gould and Rumaan Alam investigate

The New York Times / October 24, 2017


My Life in Domestic Goddesses

Women who made food look like self-expression.

The Cut / September 21, 2017


Wouldn’t You Love to Love Her?

A biography of Stevie Nicks does little to dispel the magic.

Bookforum / Dec/Jan 2018


Ghost World

George Saunders gives a voice to the undead in his new Civil War–era novel.

Bookforum / Feb/Mar 2018


Scents and Sensibility

A history of perfume doubles as a how-to.

Bookforum / Sept/Oct/Nov 2017


This Woman’s Work

Jessica Winter’s portrait of a hellish office.

Bookforum / June/July/Aug 2016


The Secret (Lunch) Lives of Remarkable Women

Digging into the diets of Barbara Pym, Eva Braun, and Eleanor Roosevelt with the culinary historian Laura Shapiro.

Eater / July 2017


Cat Marnell Is Still Alive

And the “unhealthy health writer” has a new memoir.

New York Magazine / January 27, 2017

Most Women in Publishing Don’t Have The Luxury of Being Unlikeable

Baking cookies is just part of playing the game.

Buzzfeed / January 6, 2017


What’s Love Got To Do With It?

On television, marriage enters the twenty-first century.

The New Republic / October 10, 2016



Maggie Nelson on birth, death, and everything in between.

Poetry Foundation / May 20th, 2015


Christine Who Fed the Hungry

Emily Gould remembers her days volunteering in a Greenpoint soup kitchen, and the seemingly indefatigable woman who ran the show, Christine.

he New Yorker / November 24, 2016


How to Smell

There’s something about the very personal experience of smelling that makes pinning it down with words irresistible.

The New Yorker / March 10, 2014

On The Scent

In 2008 Luca Turin, a European biochemist who’d done groundbreaking research on how olfaction works, joined forces with Tania Sanchez, a thirtyish American, to produce an English edition of his cult hit French perfume guide.

Paris Review / February 20, 2012

How Much My Novel Cost Me

Writing my first book got me into debt. To finish the next one, I had to become solvent.

ART + marketing / February 24, 2014


What I gained — and lost — by writing about my intimate life online.

The New York Times Magazine / May 25, 2008